Funk Flex has his top dawgs set in stone but Fat Joe is far more permissive when it comes to drafting his all-time best. The Hot 97 host asked Joe if Jadakiss fit in a Top 5 GOAT list. Joey Crack refused to acknowledge Jadakiss within the scope of their discussion. To his credit, Joe did offer slightly more reputable names in his absence: rappers such as Jay-Z, Biggie and Nas, Eminem, and his twinsy Big Pun.

But don't think for a second Joe set out to tarnish Jadakiss'. "I love Jadakiss. He’s not Top 5. He’s not. He’s not better than Biggie. He’s not better than – and Jadakiss stop, you know I love you, I worship you, your music and everything. Don’t do that," said Joe to his host for the segment. After listing off 5 names he felt were deserving of the higher tier, Joe suddenly remembered Lil Wayne, reopening the discussion where it remained ambiguous to the very end or limit.

His thoughts on Weezy: "I’ll just say it early. Lil Wayne would be the king. His pen was phenomenal. He was running circles around n****s. Remember when he did that Jay-Z sh*t over? We couldn’t even believe a n**** could rap like that."

Before closing the discussion without an established ranking system, Joe made one thing abundantly clear: "Jay-Z’s the best of all time. He’s the best of all time." For what it's worth, Fat Joe's insatiable appetite for rap makes him the perfect candidate for hypothetical mind games such as the one we just witnessed.