Fat Joe's shoe store UP NYC first launched in 2016. Unfortunately, it faced some controversy due to Joey Crack's business partner at the time, Scott Spina. Spina was ultimately kicked out of the shoe business he launched with Fat Joe. However, he's now looking to take the legendary rapper to court for allegedly screwing him out of a lot of his own money.

According to TMZ, Scott Spina has sued Fat Joe after he was kicked out of the business. In the lawsuit, Spina states that he put in $150K from his own pockets as well as landing over $300K from investors and loans. 

Everything went well when they initially launched. On the first day of business, they brought in $175K according to the suit. However, Joe later kicked him out of the business 20 days later.

Spina is now suing Joe for $150K from his personal investment as well as his fair share of UP NYC. 

What's interesting about this is that Spina left out the fact that he was convicted and sentenced to nearly three years in jail for defrauding customers at UP NYC. It's likely that these allegations led to Joe giving Spina the boot from the company. Scott Spina was sentenced to 35 months behind bars as well as  three years of supervised release after completing his sentence. The judge also ordered him to pay $516,396.33.