Fat Nick Recalls Brotherhood With Lil Peep: "I Always Took Care Of Him"

Fat Nick pays homage to his fallen friend Lil Peep, talks upcoming music, and more.

Fat Nick is particular about his collaborators. When choosing who to work with, he tends to abide by one rule. "I don't work with people if I don't like you," says the self-proclaimed most lovable rapper in the game. "I don't give a fuck how big you are, how small you are, if I like you I like you, if you my brother you're my brother. Pouya's my brother, Bexey my brother, Smokeasac my brother." In case you don't know, Nick rolled deep with the late Lil Peep's crew, and paid his respects to Peep on the rolling loud stage.

"Peep is my brother, you feel me?" says Nick, getting visibly emotional. "I always took care of him, no matter what. I took him on his first tour, he lived with me. I took care of him you feel me? I always have to keep him memory alive. That's what I do, that's what Smokeasac does, that's what Teddy does, that's what Bexey does. You gotta keep him alive, he's always here, and remember this. Always take care of your fucking friends." 

He proceeds to admit that he's a drug addict, which may raise a few eyebrows. "I will never ever in my fucking life give my brother a pressed pill. If you're a drug addict and you've been to rehab, you should know the difference between real drugs and fake drugs."

For more from Fat Nick, be sure to peep our full interview right here. 

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