Over the weekend, news broke that Fredo Santana passed away. At this point, the cause of death isn't entirely clear but we do know that he suffered a seizure. Many in the hip hop community have shared their condolences and have revealed the impact the young rapper had on them. However, Fat Trel took it a step further in immortalizing the late rapper's legacy.

Fat Trel took to Instagram to share a new tattoo he got in memory of Fredo Santana. The rapper got a tattoo of the Santana's face on his leg with "GBE x SB" sitting underneath. 

"BIG BOSS F R E D O !!! RIP BRODEY, LOVE YU NIGGA @fredosantanassr #WALKINGLEGEND," he captioned it.

Both he and Fredo have been close for quite some time. Both rappers have collaborated on several occasions, going as far back as 2012 when both artists were budding in the music industry. Most notably, they linked up on the massive single "Fuck Deez Bitchez."

While Trel inked Fredo's likeness on his leg, Fredo's family and peers have also hit social media to send their condolences. Fredo's father, Big Shug, hit Instagram over the weekend to share the devastating moment he found out about his son's death. 

"The strange thing is,in my last conversation with God I asked if any of my children was being called home before me & asked can I take their place,but it Doesn't work like that," he wrote on Instagram with an animated photo of Fredo Santana.

Check out Trel's new leg piece below.