The Federal Appeals Court has rejected Tom Brady's appeal of his 4-game suspension, stemming from the everlasting "Deflategate" saga. The Patriots' quarterback could opt for another appeal at the Supreme Court level but it's unlikely they'd even hear his case, let alone change the NFL's ruling.

At the start of last season, the NFL attempted to suspend Brady for 4 games for failing to cooperate in the Deflategate scandal but a Federal judge overturned that decision. 

Roger Goodell and the league continued to pursue a suspension however, and here we are today with Brady finally set to serve his punishment.

According to the report, the NFL found it "more probable than not" that Patriots personnel deliberately deflated the footballs during the AFC title game, and that Brady was "at least generally aware" of the rules violations.

The Patriots' first four game this upcoming season are against the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans and the Buffalo Bills. He will return in Week 5, with a vengeance, against the Cleveland Browns. 

In his absence, Pats fans will get to see what Brady's successor, Jimmy Garoppolo, can do.