Felicity Huffman is heading to jail, but her daughter will get a redo. Huffman was one of the most famous celebrities to be caught up in the college admission scandal. Huffman's daughter, Sophia Grace Macy, wants to continue her education but it wasn't up to her. As reported by TMZ, the College Board security policy states, "College Board will prohibit individuals from taking the SAT ... when we conclude they have deliberately gained or attempted to gain or share an unfair advantage on any College Board test, or otherwise threatened the integrity of the test."

The authorities have determined that Huffman's daughter was unaware of her mother's illegal activities. Now, the College Board has permitted her the opportunity to retake the SAT. Sophia has no choice in the matter, and must take the test again in order to resume her college education. A College Board rep told TMZ that even if they felt Sophia had some culpability, there would be a 6-month suspension under these circumstances. Those 6 months have already passed anyway. As we reported, Huffman paid Rick Singer $15,000 to fix and rig her daughter's SAT score. Singer proctored the test and gave Sophia extra time to complete sections and also fixed a few of her incorrect answers. Huffman pled guilty and was given 14 days of imprisonment, a $30,000 fine, one year of supervised release, and 250 hours of community service.