Just when he thought the bulk of his legal woes were behind him, Fetty Wap has been hit with yet another lawsuit. Over the last two years, Fetty Wap's attorneys have been putting in overtime. Last month, the rapper was reportedly ordered by a judge to pay over $1 million to a former employee. In January, Fetty promised fans that he would be returning with new music after clearing a "million dollars in legal trouble." He was also hit with a battery charge following an incident with a Las Vegas hotel employee, and prior to that, he was accused of assaulting a woman at an afterparty.

Fetty Wap Assault Lawsuit
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

The New Jersey artist has reportedly been smacked with a lawsuit from the woman who accused the rapper of attacking her. The afterparty reportedly took place in Los Angeles back in June 2019, and according to The Blast, the alleged victim states that Fetty Wap "not only strangled her but also punched her in the face."

In court documents, the woman says that she attended the get-together with friends, and "during the course of the night, Fetty Wap consumed numerous alcoholic beverages culminating with (Fetty) drinking tequila directly from the bottle. Without any justification or provocation, (Fetty) began getting aggressive and physical toward numerous people, including the (her)."

She reportedly made an "off-the-cuff comment" to one of her friends about the party and when Fetty overheard her remarks, he became angry. The woman claims he walked up to her and "aggressively" came face-to-face with her while spewing threats. "He then pressed his finger on her forehead and forcefully pushed her head back," The Blast reports.

Then, Fetty allegedly grabbed the woman by the throat, strangled her, and pushed her against a window while saying, "I'll kill you." The accuser goes on to say that someone at the party eventually separated them, but that didn't stop the rapper from allegedly continuing to go after her. The argument reportedly culminated when he punched her in the face. She called the police, filed a report, and the case was handed over to the District Attorney. The lawsuit doesn't state what damages the alleged victim is seeking, but she makes it clear that she's suffering from extreme emotional distress and "humiliation."

A snippet of this incident first circulated online last year. In the video, Fetty can be seen knocking a phone out of someone's hand. It's reported that the Los Angeles D.A.'s office did look into this incident but refused to press charges against the rapper because there wasn't enough evidence to move forward.