It's not unlike children to want to follow in their parents' footsteps. A lot of the time, they wish to have the same or a similar career to them. When you're a world-famous superstar, that sentiment is probably multiplied. Of course, it can be seriously overwhelming to follow in somebody's footsteps but if you have the talent, you might as well go for it. Fetty Wap's son, Aydin, recently told his father that he wanted to sing like him and it apparently got the 27-year-old in tears for the first time in a while.

The New Jersey native posted a video on his Instagram story, showing his son singing along to some music and writing an emotional message. Fetty seems overjoyed to just be in his son's life, noting that he's touched that Aydin wants to follow in a similar path. "My son told me he wanna sing too ... this the first time I cried since my grandpa past [sic] ... I just don't wanna fuck up i love you son," wrote the crooner. He then got pretty deep, noting the errors he's made in the past and hoping that he can be a good example to his children in the future. "I'm not the best but I'll shake the world for you & your lil sisters n your brother." 

He ends the touching post by thanking his son for letting him remain in his life. Fetty hit his stride early on with the mystique seemingly reducing in past years. He appears to be on an upward trajectory though, signing to Tr3yway Entertainment and featuring on Mir Fontaine's new track "Stoop Kids."