It's unclear what prompted Fetty Wap to attack a valet last night, but what happened in Vegas did not stay there. Thus, TMZ broke the story, claiming that Fetty Wap was placed under citizen's arrest after unloading hands upon the valet thrice over. According to the story, the scuffle ultimately landed Wap three counts of misdemeanor battery, though he was ultimately released from detainment mere hours after a brief stay. Now, however, TMZ has provided an update, which paints the picture of an even more wild scenario. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

As they tell it now, Fetty Wap was throwing down with not one, but three total hotel employees. It's not entirely clear whether Fetty simply came out swinging indiscriminately, or if his issue was simply with the valet. Yet no matter how it went down, it would appear that two additional hotel employees were indeed involved in the melee; clearly, hell hath no fury like a Fetty Wap scorned, as not everyone is willing to engage in a three-on-one. 

Given that Fetty will indeed be facing a judge over this, one has to wonder whether the consequences will prove particularly severe. It's as of yet unclear whether the additional "victims" will have an impact on the current charges. Look for more details to surface on this one in the coming days.