Fetty Wap's prosperous year continues. His breakout self-titled album was released by 300 Entertainment, Atlantic Records, as well as Fetty's own label, RGF Productions, and it sold just under 130,000 in album units, debuting at No. 1 on the charts. As he's prepping another EP before the end of the year, Fetty has now signed a long-term joint deal with Sony/ATV publishing as well as 45th & 3rd, another music publishing company. 

"The Sony/ATV partnership will create great opportunities for Fetty Wap's music to be branded through other mediums," said Fetty's attorney, Navarro W. Gray, in a statement to Billboard. We've heard Fetty all over the radio -- now we'll likely hear him on TV commercials, too. 

It seems Fetty is making the type of deals that will position him for lasting success. Do you think he'll be even bigger next year?