When it comes to being single, Fetty Wap doesn't last long. The rapper has been tied to a number of women, many who later became the mothers of his seven children, and his recent relationship resulted in marriage. The rapper and a woman named  Leandra Gonzalez reportedly tied the knot last summer but it didn't take long for the relationship to turn sour. Leandra filed for divorce from Fetty, accusing her ex of domestic abuse, infidelity, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Additionally, new reports state that Leandra Gonzalez wants a court to order Fetty Wap to return her engagement ring or pay her for the token of her ex's affection. TMZ reports that the ring itself was $60K but it was appraised for $37K, so Leandra wants the ring itself or the appraised value in cash. "Under the law that's called a 'gift in contemplation of marriage' ... and since they said, 'I do,' she's saying she will take that ring," the outlet reports.

However, Fetty Wap isn't giving in that easily. He argues that he purchased the jewelry on consignment and never officially owned it because he didn't finish paying for it. Because their marriage was over just months after they jumped the broom, the rapper claims he took the ring back to the jeweler and that's that.

Instead, Fetty has offered another option; the jeweler will keep the engagement ring and Fetty will instead give his wedding band to his ex-wife. Meanwhile, it's rumored that the rapper has a new woman in his life and he's moved on.