Film director Steve McQueen has previously worked with Kanye West on his "All Day/ I Feel That" video that heard Ye explain his inner thoughts about uncontrollable "tempered outbursts."

"Feeling lonely, even when you are with people, feeling blocked. Feeling blue, sad, feeling disinterested in things, feeling fearful," Kanye explains in the clip. 

Steve hasn't worked with Kanye as of late since his new film Widows is set to come out starring Viola Davis, Brian Tyree Henry, and Liam Neeson, but during a recent press interview, Steve couldn't dodge getting asked his thoughts on one of his former collaborators who is making headlines. 

“I spoke to him very briefly after the TMZ thing, I imagine a lot of people did. Obviously, I loved him but I didn’t think that was the platform to have that conversation. To say I was disappointed is an understatement of course, but its one of those things… Listen I understand Kanye in a way… Well, I think I do, obviously, everyone thinks they understand people and don’t," Steve told Bossip. " What I’m trying to say is I understand it in a way that he wants to be a free Black man. He wants to be totally free. Free, free. He wants to be FREE.”

He added: “You know, for him to have an idea of something that he believes in or for him to choose against the majority of people, I imagine is his idea of being free I can do whatever I want to do. Freedom of mental slavery, free from bondage. As a Black man, I understand that in the western world. I don’t necessarily agree with how he is doing it but I know where it comes from. It comes from the idea of Black people being enslaved in one way, shape, form or the other and I totally get it. He wants to be liberated.”