The water epidemic that continues to be a huge problem in Flint, Michigan has now been turned into a film starring Queen Latifah. 

Flint follows Iza (played by Latifah) who joins forces with other women in a fight to get back clean drinking water for the community. The trailer shows mayor and government officials telling members of the community that there is "nothing to worry about" in regards to the crisis. Clips then show the moments different families realize their water is contaminated, as dark water pours out of their taps. Watch the trailer below.

The film, written by Barbara Stepansky and directed by Bruce Beresford, premieres October 28th on Lifetime at 8PM eastern time. 

Since the latest trailer has hit the web, it has brought on some controversy by social media user who can't understand how a film on the crisis (that has been happening since 2014) has been released when citizens are still suffering. A Twitter user that goes by @GarceSnoots tweeted, "Hold up, we have a Lifetime Original movie about Flint Michigan not having clean water??? Sooner than Flint Michigan gets clean water????"

Another user who goes by @IlliNanny tweeted, "So they found time and money to make a Lifetime movie about Flint Michigan’s water crisis MEANWHILE THEY STILL DONT GET GOOD WATER THERE."

Read more twitter reacts below. What do you guys think?