After a five year break, Jadakiss finally released his fourth solo album last week (11/20) called Top 5 Dead Or Alive. Released on the same day as Adele’s 25, it was safe to say that Jadakiss wasn’t going to be bringing home a #1 album in the opening week which he can’t blame him for, but he did move a pretty good amount.

According to Hits Double Daily, Top 5 Dead Or Alive moved 50,722 (53,272 with streams) copies in the opening week landing him the #5 spot on the charts. However, in comparison, his latest body of work, The Last Kiss, sold an impressive 132,520 in its opening week back in 2009, nearly tripling that of #T5DOA. But then again, that was in a different time in the game where album sales were a little bit better, and streaming was non-existent.

Top 5 Dead Or Alive is available now on iTunes. Read our review on it here if you haven’t yet already.