The time has arrived for us to analyze and gauge who will outsell who, the newcomer Logic with his debut album Under Pressure or the veteran in the game with his ninth studio album, T.I.?

Well, it's going to be an extremely close race, perhaps closer than you thought. T.I.'s new album, Paperwork, is on course to sell 65,000-70,000 copies according to HitsDailyDouble. Logic's debut album via Def Jam, Under Pressure, is looking like it will also move 65,000-70,000 units opening week. 

For Tip, these numbers are quite the drop from last year's Trouble Man which moved 179,000 copies opening week, and in general, they are pretty low numbers for the rapper that he is. For an independently-raised rapper like Logic, his numbers seem appropriate, and given the fact that he has an extremely loyal fanbase, they're not too surprising.

Who do you think will manage to come out on top? Shout it out in the comment section below.