The coronavirus pandemic has faced comparisons to the West Nile Virus outbreak, though that was in the early days of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has gotten increasingly worse in certain places, though some officials declared it safe to return back to work. But in Florida, where the coronavirus cases have surpassed 38K, has confirmed that they have their first case of West Nile virus of 2020.

David McNew/Getty Images

Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County confirmed that a resident in the area has contracted the first case of the West Nile virus of 2020. The Health officials announced that the case was locally transmitted, though they didn't provide any other information regarding the status of the patient. 

Those infected with the virus do not necessarily feel sick, though if they do, it's a fever as well as a possible headache, pain, and fatigue. The virus transmits to humans through infected mosquitos. Health officials said that symptoms do arise between 2 to 14 days of being infected.

Health officials are asking residents to drain water from garbage cans, gutters and anywhere else where water has collected and could attract mosquitoes. They also suggested all pet owners clean water bowls and birdbaths at least twice a week.

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