Have you ever wanted to receive a message from one of your favorite celebrities? Many people couldn't care less, but famous figures are making bank over on Cameo. For those that have opted against launching an OnlyFans account, celebrities are earning money by recording and sending brief messages to fans who don't mind coughing up a few dollars for a personalized video. Anyone from reality stars, well-known comedians, award-winning actors, sports figures, and even famous animals are charging upwards of hundreds of dollars for personalized messages. Floyd Mayweather recently added his name to the growing list of entertainers joining Cameo, and he's broken a record as the most expensive celebrity to date.

Floyd Mayeather, Cameo
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

While most celebrities on Cameo have charged anywhere between 45 to $450 on average, it will cost fans $999 for a personalized message from Floyd. Over on Cameo's site, Floyd shares that he joined the website because he's trying to reach a certain goal. “I WANT TO BE THE FIRST CELEBRITY TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS ON CAMEO," he stated.

If there's someone who knows how to make money, it's Floyd Mayweather. Let us know whether or not you think a message from Pretty Boy Floyd is worth $999.