Antonio Brown has been through his fair share of hardship throughout his career in the NFL. Last season proved to be especially turbulent for the star wide receiver as numerous off the field issues caught up to him. Now, he is without a team and awaiting a decision from the league in regards to a recent investigation. In the midst of all of this, Brown has been working out at home and enjoying the quarantine. 

Yesterday, Brown got on IG live and was joined by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. The boxer immediately went on a lengthy rant about the NFL and how they have been treating Brown unfairly throughout this entire saga.

"They need to let you play in the NFL, man. They need to stop worrying about what you do on the outside," Mayweather said. "You can get arrested 40 times, 50 times. Do that got something to do with you catching the ball or what you doing on the field?"

Mayweather then spoke about how Tom Brady wants to play with Brown which should be reason enough for teams to sign him. "You're supposed to be in the NFL. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. He's not requesting you for no reason."

It remains to be seen what will happen with Brown although if it were up to Mayweather, he would have been back on the field by now.