Like many other murders, the death of 51-year-old Raul Guillen was reportedly all about greed and drugs. An explosive report has circulated this week stating that a former adult film star named Aubrey Gold, real name Lauren Wambles, was involved in Guillen's death. The 23-year-old porn star isn't a stranger to being in trouble with the law, as The Sun reports that she's been taken into custody at least six times since 2018. For these latest set of accusations, Gold and two men have been arrested.

Police claim that Gold, along with 35-year-old William Parker and 43-year-old Jeremie Peters, is responsible for murder. Guillen hasn't been located since July 4 and cadaver dogs finally guided investigators to a remote Florida road where they found Guillen's body in a shallow grave. Gold, Parker, and Peters were quickly identified by police because they were reportedly the last to be seen with the deceased. Guillen had been shot to death.

Guillen's daughter told police that he called his ex-wife and told her that he needed money. Guillen allegedly said that he was in trouble with some dangerous people, but the specifics weren't made clear. Gold has been charged with murder, Parker with open murder, and Peters with accessory to murder and corpse abuse. More charges are pending.