As if the Cleveland Cavaliers needed another issue to deal with, former assistant coach Jim Boylan is reportedly suing the organization for age discrimination. Boylan, 63, was fired last summer and replaced by 42-year old Damon Jones.

Per the filing (H/T WKYC):

"On or about June 17, 2018, then Cavaliers Head Coach Tyronn Lue left Coach Boylan a voicemail, informing him his employment would end, in which Coach Lue said: “Jimbo, what’s up, yo? This is T Lue. I had a talk with Koby yesterday. He does not want to pick up your option. He said it’s way too much money. They’re not gonna pay that kind of money for three assistants on the bench. He wants to go younger in that position and, you know, find somebody who’s a grinder and younger in that position. And he said he does not want to pick the option up for I guess it’s 500 or - I’m not sure."

According to the report, Boylan also alleges that team owner Dan Gilbert has "a pattern and practice of age discrimination across" his corporate organizations in which he owns equity and controlling interest, including the Cavaliers. 

"Defendants discriminate against employees and candidates for employment on the basis of age with respect to hiring, renewal, termination, pay, raises, benefits, and in the terms and conditions of employment," the suit alleges in regards to Gilbert, per WKYC. "Defendants discriminatorily favor younger less qualified candidates and employees over substantially older employees."

The Cavs, 1-7, have already fired head coach Ty Lue this season. They could be without All-Star forward Kevin Love for more than a month and veteran shooting guard J.R. Smith is reportedly unhappy with his role and is hoping for a trade.