It is being reported that former Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, Lord Superb, has passed away. The unfortunate news was shared by The Source, who wrote that the cause of death is yet to be determined. Fans of the Wu-Tang Clan are sending their condolences to Superb's family and friends as DJ Premier, Roc Marciano, Lord Jamar, and more have all expressed their sadness on social media.

Superb was one of Wu's most important members before he was excommunicated by the Clan years ago. The artist was rumored to be a ghostwriter for Ghostface Killah for years. Superb made a few standouts appearances on Rae and Ghost albums as part of the Cream Team. The artist previously stated that he felt abandoned when the Cream Team came to an end, cutting ties with Wu and serving time in prison. His most memorable musical appearance is likely from Ghost's Supreme Clientele.

Many have reacted to the loss with Lord Jamar posting a sentimental tribute to Superb. He wrote, "Rest In Power to my baby bro Jamel Bibbs p.k.a. LORD SUPERB...I'm saddened by his passing, because I watched this talented young soul grow up from the age of 16, but because of poor choices he never truly lived up to his POTENTIAL...PERB was one of the illest/hoodest/funniest/knowledgable individuals I've ever met & it's a shame the world has never heard his BEST MATERIAL, which was recorded with me at 560 State St. in Brooklyn during the mid 90's. I love u Perb, & u will be missed."

R.I.P. Lord Superb.