Fortnite has easily become one of the most popular video games in the world. Kids have been flocking to Epic Games' battle royale styled game for just over a year now, and several aspects of the virtual title have become trendy pop culture references. As Fortnite contiues to rise in popularity, couples across the globe have become committed to pulling their lovers away from the television screen. I know several relationships that have suffered because of the male counterparts addiction to Fortnite, and a new study shows that the game is responsible for ending several marriages. 

Alcohol, drugs, and sex addictions have all been cited in the past as reasons a marriage deteriorated, and now technology is being added to the mix. According to a report conducted by a U.K. divorce blog, 200 divorce petitions placed since 2018 cite Fortnite and other online video games as the reason the marriage failed. Video game addiction was cited in roughly 5% of divorces in the UK this year.

"Addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling have often been cited as reasons for relationship breakdowns but the dawn of the digital revolution has introduced new addictions," stated a spokesperson for the company.“These now include online pornography, online gaming, and social media, so it is no surprise to us that more and more people are having relationship problems because of our digital addictions. ”