Halloween is fast approaching, and Fortnite developer Epic Games has a holiday treat for gamers. Much like last year, Fortnite is blessing those who enjoy the spooky holiday with some Halloween themed goodies. While it isn't a bag full of your favorite candy, the new "Fortnitemares" event will surely satisfy your appetite for everything spooky. 

Epic Games dropped a trailer for their Fortnitemares event on Wednesday, which reveals gameplay footage of the limited time event. Gamers are pit up against monsters that look like a ghost/zombie/ghoul combination, and the hero's green eyes in the trailer hints that some power may be granted to gamers to help them defeat the villains. Cubes appear in-game that spawn the monsters, and gamers can collect loot from the dead bodies of the fallen creatures. The monster spawning cubes will appear at random, so watch your back. 

Fortnitemares launched this morning, but was immediately taken down after gamers experienced a plethora of glitches. "We have disabled Fortnitemares in Battle Royale while we investigate issues with matchmaking," tweeted Epic Games, before rapidly remedying the situation. Gamers should be able to join the Halloween themed event now.