Fortnite has become the most popular game in the country in just a year. Developer Epic Games released the battle royale styled game last year, but with the amount of success the title has earned you would think it has been around for much longer. After becoming a favorite among gamers who use consoles, Epic Games decided to take Fortnite over to the mobile world. 

When Fortnite was introduced to the iOs operating system for iPhones and iPads, it was an instant hit. The game garnered $1.5 million in revenue within its first 3 days on mobile platforms. That number is ridiculous, especially since Fortnite is free to play. The game may cost nothing, but micro-transactions involved with their Battle Passes and cosmetics keeps gamers in their wallets. According to new data acquired by Sensor TowerFortnite on iOS has brought in $100 million in the last three months. That makes Epic Games' offering of $100 million in prizes for their eSports venture seem like nothing. They obviously have more than enough money to offer up for prizes in their competitive play. Sensor Tower believes that Fortnite can rake in $500 million this year alone. Gamers who play the mobile version of Fortnite can engage in cross-platform play with those who chose to play on the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. PlayStation, on the other hand, refuses to play nice with others