For over a month now, gamers have been entranced by the meteor in the sky in Fortnite. Everyone on earth has tried to discern when the meteor would land, with data miners and Reddit users reporting secret morse code messages, among other theories, that they believed told them when and where the meteor would hit. After weeks of speculation, the arrival of destruction is here. 

While it isn't one big comet that is destroying Tilted Towers, as many gamers expected, several mini meteors have been raining down in the game, exploding as they hit the ground. This doesn't necessarily mean that Tilted Towers won't be destroyed at some point, but it does mean that something big is coming for Fortnite season four. Season three is currently in its final week, and developer Epic Games is gearing up to give gamers a new set of challenges and battles that will undoubtedly take the battle royale styled game to the next level. Epic Games has even teased the meteor strike with a banner for the next season that features a comet and what looks like some kind of new superhero. 

It's possible that the mayhem in the sky means that an incoming invader is on the way, which would be pretty insane. Season 4 launches next week, and we'll keep you updated on everything Fortnite has to offer the second it is announced.