Fortnite gamers around the globe honored an unofficial cease-fire this past weekend to watch the long-awaited rocket launch. The results of the launch were magnificent, and the mysterious launch left several large cracks across the Fortnite sky. Although gamers are still eagerly speculating about the repercussions of the tear in the sky, one moment from the launch has been recorded in the record books.

Several gamers on one server decided to build a large wooden ramp to watch the launch from a distance. While some gamers danced on the ledge, others ate popcorn and joined in on the moment of cease-fire with other friendly emotes. Gamer Elemental_Ray wasn't feeling the love though, and he broke the record for most kills in a Fortnite match ever when he destroyed the wooden platform. 48 players came crashing down, and died on impact, just as the launch was getting to the best part. On Reddit, some gamers began to threaten Elemental_Ray, while others laughed at the occurrence. "It's hilarious but a shitty thing to do lmao," wrote one user. One gamer pointed out the obvious, trust no one. "If you are in a PvP environment and you trust 100 randoms to not try to kill you.....You are going to have a bad time," wrote the gamer. Check out a video of the record-breaking killing below.