A 13-year-old kid in Ohio has been scammed while playing Fortnite. The game, which is one of the world's most popular, features a chat system where players can talk to each other about the game in progress or anything else they see fit. Apparently, that includes scams. The kid, Jake Bates, was told by another player that if he gave him his email and password, then the guy could get him new skins for free. Bates simply gave him the info and the scammer logged in, got access to his credit card information and then deleted Bates' Fortnite character.

For some reason, the teenager and his mother have filed a complaint with Epic games. It's hard to imagine what will come of the complaint, considering Bates freely gave his information away. Of the whole situation, Bates' mom, Amy, said “It says on the game not to give your information out and, ya know, I’m like, it’s a lesson learned.”

The games has earned, up until now, over $1 billion and that is only through in-game purchases. The game is absolutely free-to-play, but skins and dances cost real money. Not only this, but Fortnite is also the most streamed game in the world, with viewership rivalling that of real TV.