Fortnite season five is already entering its third week. It feels like it was just a few days ago that we witnessed the rocket launch that changed everything. After the sky was ripped open and a portion of the map was converted into the Californian desert, gamers were left with a new sense of adventure. The new terrain has been a hot spot, since everyone wants to battle in the sandy environment. 

As usual, data miners leaked Epic Games' plans for the third week of season five. As reported by ForbesStorm Fortnite Leaks is the source for the challenges. First up is a challenge to deal damage to passenger vehicles, which will be a fun task since vehicles are a new element in the game. One challenge is vaguer, and it requires gamers to destroy specific targets, which have yet to be revealed. The list of challenges are as follows:

Deal damage to passenger vehicles (0/1000)
Destroy specific targets (?/?)
Use a Launchpad (0/1)
Search Chests in Fatal Fields (0/7)
Follow the treasure map in Flush Factory (0/1)
Explosive eliminations (0/3)
Eliminate Opponents in Haunted Hills (0/3)

Although leaks are usually spot on, or remarkably close to being correct, this list may change by the time Epic Games gears up for the start of the new week.