Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular games in the world. At this point, gamers are used to game developer Epic Games introducing new limited time modes to keep things fresh. On several occasions, Epic Games just reintroduces a limited time mode from the past, and other times, they are forced to rethink modes that lack popularity. Now, Fortnite will bring gamers a new heist influenced event that will change the dynamics of gameplay for those who participate. 

Epic Games teased the new event, which has been dubbed "High Stakes," last week on Twitter. The High Stakes limited-time event will be centered around a mode called The Getaway. The gameplay for the new mode works like this: Gamers must capture jewels that are stored in Supply Drop balloons. The jewels must be taken to a getaway vehicle located in a random location on the map, but gamers must fight off rival squads while doing so. The first squad to place the jewels in the getaway vehicle wins the match. 

The new High Stakes event also comes with three new challenges and several new cosmetics including a card-themed costume, a Safe Cracker glider, and a Cuff Case back bling.