Fortnite introduced their Boogie Down competition earlier this year, which allowed gamers to upload their dance moves for a chance to have it featured in the game as an emote. A winner was chosen from a long list of entries, but Fortnite players were not satisfied. @Kid_Fortnite12, who placed just outside of the 20th position in the competition, was clearly a favorite. His dance move, which looks like a combination of a disco move and a variation of the old school "Wu-Tang" dance, went viral. The kid flawlessly pulls off the dance move, and his video even surpassed the views of the first place winner. Game developer Epic Games decided to give the young boy, dubbed "Orange Shirt Kid," his own emote.

Along with the new Season 4 update, the "Orange Justice" dance has been added. It can be unlocked on tier 26, but if you buy the Battle Pass it comes included.  “It’s also a great exercise move," states "Orange Shirt Kid" at the end of the video. Epic Games has added his quote as a description for the emote, giving him the ultimate props for his dance.