A few months ago, Frank Gore got in the ring against Deron Williams for an exhibition fight during the second Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley card. It was a fight that Gore ultimately lost by split decision, however, Gore has maintained that he wants to continue fighting. After all, he put up a very good fight against Williams, and he already has some experience in the sport.

Last night, Gore was back in the ring as he took on Yaya Olorunsola in his first-ever pro boxing match. As you can see down below, this was a very successful fight for Gore who ended up destroying his opponent with a knockout in the fourth round.

Frank Gore

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

"Today was a great day!!! Want to thank my team for all the hard work," Gore wrote on Twitter. Clearly, that hard work did, indeed, pay off for him as he was an absolute beast in this matchup. It was clear that his opponent could not compare, and the viciousness of the knockout simply speaks volumes to the kind of skill that Gore was able to bring here.

It remains to be seen if and when Gore will return to the ring, however, it is clear that another match is in the cards for the 39-year-old. With knockouts like these, fans are going to want to see what he can do next.