Frank Ocean may not be dropping new music any time soon but thankfully he's reissuing his beloved Boys Don't Cry magazine. The 2016 print is available for sale online for $80 USD and features contributions from Frank, Kanye West, Harley Weir, Tom Sachs, Wolfgang Tillmans and more. Other items for sale on the site is a double-sided Blonded Radio poster for $30. 

This is the first time the magazine has been available since it's initial release three years ago. 

Although the throwback magazine by Frank is something that's always appreciated, it would be nice to see an updated release with words, photos and contributions from people that are more current. The "Nikes" singer recently told GQ that he's been taking photos of all kinds of things since 2019 started, detailing how almost everything has been inspiring him. 

"I've been taking pictures of everything. I'm at this hotel. Just pictures of the sheet company's labels, the floor mats and towels," he said. "I like that there's no Sheetrock or plaster, it's all wood and fabric walls only. I think that's cool."

Sounds like a good start to Boys Don't Cry 2019 edition.