Frank Ocean just dropped, and everything seems to be in its right place again. His new album, which appeared on Apple Music in surprise fashion, is entitled Blonde and not Boys Don't Cry, which had been the rumored title for over a year. However, Ocean did put out a magazine called "Boys Don't Cry" in coordination with the release of Blonde. The magazine appeared at four different pop-up shops in four different cities. A CD copy of Blonde was included inside the "Boys Don't Cry" mag, as was a list of the artists who contributed to the album. 

A photo of the full list of Blonde's credits was taken and shared by journalist Steven Horowitz. As of now, none of the names are attached to particular tracks, and it's unclear which of the artists actually assisted in the recording of the album and which have been given sample credits. Of course, it's safe to assume that The Beatles, Gang of Four, and the late Elliott Smith were sampled. Other notable credits include: 

Beyonce (vocals on "Pink + White") 
Kendrick Lamar (vocals on "Skyline To") 
Kanye West 
Andre 3000 (raps on "Solo (Reprise)") 
David Bowie 
Brian Eno
Pharrell Williams 
Mike Dean 
Tyler, The Creator 
Yung Lean 
Rick Rubin 
Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) 
Jamie xx 
James Blake 

We'll update you as further info. on those involved on Blonde becomes available.