It's been a good year for Freddie Gibbs fans. The rapper blessed us with two new projects this year, Freddie and his collaborative project with Curren$y and The AlchemistFetti which arrived earlier this morning. Despite the influx of music in 2018, it's been over four years since he released Pinata with Madlib and fans are wondering when the sequel, Bandana will arrive. However, it looks like Gibbs has his sights set on a 2019 drop.

Gibbs is already plotting on the upcoming year. The rapper took to Twitter to announce that his long-awaited collaborative project with Madlib, Bandana, will be arriving in 2019. 

"Freddie and Fetti. Bandana 2019. You’re welcome," he tweeted out earlier today.

Shortly after releasing Freddie, Gangsta Gibbs revealed that the project was already done, but he was waiting to put it out. While many expected him to drop it at some point this year, he revealed that he wanted to do something else before sharing the long-awaited project.

"I'm talkin', like, recording over something like over a course of like three to four years, you know what I'm saying? It's like a lot of things that was goin' on with like the jail thing and all of that stuff," he said. "There was a lot of things that I wanted to culminate in this album, so I wasn’t ready to put it out yet.”

Gibbs didn't clarify when in 2019 he and Madlib will release Bandana, but let's hope it doesn't arrive too late in the year.