Freddie Gibbs made a brief appearance on the season premiere of Desus & Mero on Showtime, where he addressed his recent beef with DJ Akademiks. Before Freddie joined the Bodega Boys on a video call, the hosts explained the explosive beef that popped off in the last week after Akademiks called Freddie "irrelevant" in response to Freddie's same evaluation of Jeezy. Desus and Mero then invited Freddie to join them, at which point he sounded off on Akademik's clownery, which included the Everyday Struggle co-host asking to see Freddie's taxes.

“I told him, 'don’t f*ck with me,'” Freddie said, before contextualizing their whole feud. "This hoe ass got mad because he thought I was talking some sh*t about Gunna and T.I. or something like that, and when I made the little Jeezy comments, he wanted to jump in front of them bullets too."

freddie gibbs dj akademiks desus and mero beefMike Windle/Getty Images for Equinox

“The crazy part is, I just beat an IRS case too," he continued, referring to Ak's odd request to see his taxes. "I wasn’t going out like Ja Rule. For him to say that, you sound real federal. I don’t think Akadmiks even got a whip. He definitely is a mini van type of n***a, with the auto-sliding door."

"I would jump in the sewers to fight Akademiks right now," Freddie declared. "I would go Ninja Turtle on this n***a right now. My son wanna whoop Akademiks, and he’s two. He like, ‘F*ck ABCs, we workin’ on how to say ‘Fuck Akademiks.'” Desus proceeds to ask him what his "neon sign" would read—a tradition on the Desus & Mero show—to which Freddie responds, "F*ck Akademiks," without missing a beat.