Freddie Gibbs is one of the best modern-day lyricists by a fair margin, and his impeccable catalog has earned him consistent critical acclaim -- including a recent Grammy nomination for his and Alchemist's Alfredo album. And while Gibbs is a force to be reckoned with behind the mic, he's not exactly a slouch on social media, roasting anybody and everybody who crosses his path. And like Jerry Seinfeld before him, Gibbs happens to be keen on observational humor, taking note of Donald Trump's recent ban from FaceBook and Instagram and having a laugh at the soon-to-be-ex-President's expense.

Freddie Gibbs

 Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

"I guess I ain’t the only one that got banned," writes Freddie, emphasizing his glee with a telling tears-of-joy emoji. In fact, Gibbs is no stranger to being banned from Instagram, having experienced the hammer not once -- but twice. In fact, Gibbs was recently banned at the end of December, declaring it to be the "end of an era." As of now, Freddie remains unaccessible on the gram, a fate that Donald Trump will now find himself forced to contend with -- not that he was ever really active there to begin with.

In fact, it's likely that for Trump to really experience the pain of social media withdrawal, he'd have to be hit with a severe Twitter ban. Following his recent tweets appearing to incite the rioters at the Capitol building, Trump was suspended for a mere twelve hours -- though the threat of a permanent ban does loom. Meanwhile, Gibbs' Skinny Suge Twitter account remains free to engage in whatever sort of debauchery he sees fit -- including having a laugh at Trump's expense. Check out his message below.