Celebrities have been stepping up and using their platforms to bring awareness to prison reform, and recently Kim Kardashian once again took her agenda to the White House. Last week, Kardashian visited President Trump and announced that she was partnering with the ridesharing app Lyft to help provide free rides to former inmates for job interviews. 

One person who is praising Kardashian's effort is "Freeway" Rick Ross, the former drug kingpin who went to prison back in the 1990s and was released in 2009. TMZ caught up with Freeway as he was making his way out of Los Angeles International Airport and stopped to get his thoughts on Kardashian's work. "It's very important," Freeway said. "Any kind of ride could help somebody. Can you imagine you gotta be somewhere at a certain time. You don't have no money. You don't have no family. You get out and your family doing bad. That automatically puts you under more pressure that would make you do something to go back to prison."

"Shout out to you Kim," he continued. "You keep doing your thang. I don't care what nobody say about you, you doing the right thing." He added, "Even if you gotta mess with Trump...I don't care though. Shout out to you for getting the lady out of prison that had the life sentence who did all that time. First of all, drugs is not a crime of vicious [or of] violence. It's a crime of economics. People tryin' to make a living, trying to take care of they family. So remember that.

"People come up to me all the time asking how I've changed. I never was vicious. I never was violent. I just wanted some money."