French Montana and Diddy have a long history of collaborating on different types of projects, but in this instance, success is going to taste that much sweeter. Why? Because French now has his own flavor of CÎROC Premium Vodka.

Officially being called CÎROC French Vanilla, Diddy already previewed the new flavor during his appearance at the 2017 Revolt Music Conference last weekend. “When you work with someone like Diddy, it’s about more than sales or getting your name out there,” explained French Montana, who likens his name being part of the vodka brand as a move to ingrain himself further into the fabric of hip-hop culture. “[Diddy] looks at everything like an investment in the future of our culture and we all have to own our part in being a better example for the next generation, that means working harder and celebrating responsibly. Whether it’s the music I’m working on or developing my own flavor of CÎROC, he wants me to win as a testament to the hustle.”

As an added bonus, before it was formally introduced to the public, there was a limited amount of CÎROC French Vanilla being sold in August, with $1 of each bottle (up to a max of $100,000) being donated to Mama Hope, a non-profit organization that focuses on eliminating extreme poverty through global entrepreneurship initiatives. Diddy also pledged to ante up a donation of $200,000.

As far as Diddy's thoughts on the "Unforgettable" rapper being the new face of this CÎROC flavor, French was a perfect choice. “To me, success is all about looking beyond your circumstances to achieve the impossible. That takes boldness and dedication,” the Bad Boy mogul said. “Each time we expand the CÎROC family, we look for people who can lead by example and pave the way for the next generation. French Montana is one of those people – he is unafraid to celebrate life, he dreams big, works hard, and defines his own success.” 

Check out the promotional video clip starring both rappers below and let us know if you're going to be sipping from a bottle of French Vanilla the next time you're out on the town.