We’re only a few hours away from French Montana’s new mixtape Wave Gods, which will debut on DJ Khaled’s “We the Best” Beats 1 Radio show, but before that French called into Hot 97 to drop a few interesting tidbits about the lead up to Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

Apparently, Kanye West wasn’t really aware of who Max B was before deciding to (temporarily) name his album Waves. French Montana, an close associate of Max B himself, went on to say, “once I gave him the homework behind everything, you know, we got it together.” Thankfully French is probably the best person 

While this seems to condemn Kanye, it was all good, as French explains Max B took the title as a form of flattery. In a sign of goodwill Kanye even reached out to Max B after the whole thing was over to try and help him out with his legal issues. Max B is currently serving 75 years in prison for murder conspiracy and robbery charges, but he appears on Yeezy’s most recent album via an interlude track.

Check out the whole interview down bottom for some of French Montana’s insight into other topics in the hip hop game.