In the case of “Unforgettable,” French Montana has a certifiable smash on his hands. Having peaked out at an impressive No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the cut has gone on move over 3,000,000 units, going triple platinum in the United States while certifying Gold or higher in eleven other nations, and charting in 28 countries in total. The music video has only further added to the feats, nearing half a billion streams on Youtube alone and counting.

Viewers have been witness to the transmittable joy displayed on-camera for the clip as French and Swae Lee traveled to Uganda to film and shine a spotlight on the talents of the local children, including The Triplets Ghetto Kids, a popular dance group in the country. This weekend, the Morroccan-born rapper decided to give us a peak behind the inspiration that sparked his decision to take his infectious single to the motherland in the form of a new documentary, “My Project, their Reality.”

“I lost all motivation. My spirit for the music was gone. I needed something that was deeper,” French can be heard saying at the inception of the 30-minute video. “I needed something that was gon’ bring me back to life, and when I saw these kids, it kind of blew life into my lungs. I kind of just felt like I wanted to do music again, you know?”

During an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, it was Diddy who took some time to brag on his Bad Boy Records signee, detailing French’s philanthropic efforts in the country of Uganda, having built a hospital in the country after taking notice of the vast need.

“This man is so humble he can't even talk about himself comfortably,” Diddy declared to a sea of applause during the appearance. “He went to Uganda, saw they didn't have a hospital and he went and built a hospital. There's some people in life who don't like to speak about what they do, and that's this man right here."

Putting transparency at the forefront, the clip does an excellent job at painting "Unforgettable" as more than just another club banger. Be sure to watch the full documentary below.