French Montana has added a new artist to his Coke Boys roster, the multi-talented Velous. Velous is a Kingston, New York native who can sing, produce and rap. He impressed French when he visited the rapper's studio earlier this year, and soon a deal was in the works.

French spoke on the newest addition to his imprint with the Village Voice, saying, "I love his style. He sings. He raps. He's everything in one." He revealed that Velous also impressed another hard-to-please rapper, Kanye West. "He came to the studio and played me like 1000 songs," French said, before adding that Kanye West picked "like two beats" from Velous. Yeezy is helping French with his forthcoming Mac & Cheese 4 album.

Velous had a few words to share on the deal as well, "It just felt like a really good place to have a family. It felt like a good place to have a foundation," Velous said. "I definitely want to work with everyone on the roster. I want to see everybody at the top, all of us working together. French is already killing. He's one of the hardest workers in the industry. That work ethic inspires me."

Velous is currently working on a new album Velocity, which he'll drop for free this summer. "There's a lot of Stevie [Wonder] influence," Velous said when describing the sound of Velocity. "There's a lot of Michael [Jackson] influence. There's a lot of Earth, Wind & Fire influence. I'm also heavily influenced by The Neptunes." He's also been busy working with French on Mac & Cheese 4.

Listen to his record "Ginuwine Article" below, and let us know what you think.