In the past, French Montana has been the bearer of Max B updates, and a new tweet from the Bronx rapper seems to suggest that Max will be present in some form at Sunday night's Hot 97 Summer Jam.

"MAX B SUMMER JAM STAGE 😳👀," reads the tweet from French sent Saturday night. Unfortunately, the cryptic message is all we have so far.

Last year, French Montana revealed that Max's 75-year sentence, a twelve-count indictment, which included first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, and first-degree kidnapping, would be reduced through a plea deal. According to his report, it was likely that Max would be home within two to six years. It has not been even one year since that particular update, which makes us hesitant to celebrate the influential rapper's release without further information.

French Montana will perform at the annual HOT 97 Summer Jam in New Jersey tonight. While Max may not be present in the flesh, perhaps he will show up in some form or another. The wavy rapper appeared on Kanye West's The Life Of Pablo and French's Wave Gods through recorded phone calls in 2016. In April, French announced an upcoming single with Max B and The Weeknd. If nothing else, we're hoping to at least hear Max's voice at the show tonight.

HOT 97 Summer Jam will take place Sunday at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. Unlike previous years, the event will not be live-streamed.