In his first interview since getting released from jail on September 25th, DMX informed WKBW-Buffalo reporter Justin Moore that he is headed to New York City with every intention of hitting the studio.

The 44-year-old multi-platinum rapper spent two and a half months in Buffalo's Erie County Holding Center for failing to deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments.

"I'mma make it although it looks rough. I get a little scared," he said earnestly. "Sometimes shook up. When it's like that, I get on my knees and look up."

DMX explained that he is a sincere guy who just wants to be understood. "Only thing I hate about being never know who really loves you because everybody is there," he explained. "Everybody's there. If their love never gets tested, you never know.

"I take what I been through," he continued.  "Capture it. Capture it and give it away and because I give it away I benefit from it. Then people come and say, 'Yo, this song did this. Thank you.'"

Watch DMX's interview with WKBW below.