Ever since ending in 1996, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has gone on to become one of the most popular syndicated television sitcoms, while also catapulting Will Smith into the Hollywood A-List. 

Smith recently took to Instagram in support of a potential Fresh Prince animated series, emphatically posting a photo of his beloved character in cartoon form. 

However, there is some other news surrounding the series that will also get fans excited. TMZ reports that they have just got wind of news that the company that owns the rights to the show has recently applied to trademark a whole new slew of Fresh Prince-themed merchandise. 

This potential roster of items will include toys, action figures, as well as kids' games that will most likely be popular once they hit store shelves in the future. It sure is a coincidence how Smith has revived the ceaseless interest in rebooting the famed sitcom through his Instagram post, all while news begins to surface about a collection of merchandise inspired by the show that will soon materialize; Hollywood works in mysterious ways.