In the first trailer for season 2 of Friends From College, the series picks up where it left off with the group of Harvard alumni as they navigate their group of friends and personal relationships while living in New York.

In its first season, the series and its creators faced backlash from viewers who particularly took offense to the characters of Same, portrayed by Annie Parisse, and Ethan, played by Keegan-Michael Key, who freely engage in an extramarital affair. Fans of the show expressed that the characters on the show ere largely unlikeable as they dealt with their issues in rather self-involved manners.

Now the showrunners of the show, Nicholas Stoler and his wife Francesca Delbanco, have revealed that Season 2 will move away from such storylines.

"It was very clear from the critical response that people were really unhappy and uncomfortable about the affair between Sam and Ethan. And the fact that the show didn’t take them to task or punish them for it. We felt like we really heard it. And we put an end to that affair," Delbanco told Indiewire. "It was an idea we were interested in playing around with, grownups behaving badly and making a mess in their lives. But we heard critics feeling like it was too much and it was too unpleasant to be implicated in it by just watching and enjoying it.”

To that, Stoller adds, “We were planning on adjusting it anyway because doing more affair stories would have just been repetitive, but that is not a part of the second season. Which I think will be a relief for a lot of people.”