To call Friends beloved would be an understatement, with many going so far as to deem the NBC sitcom as GOAT tier. Between Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey, the cast of characters remains one of the most iconic ensembles in TV history, and many have openly speculated on whether a reunion special was ever in the cards. Seeing as we're officially in the business of picking up where older shows left off (see Deadwood and Breaking Bad for two recent examples), would it really be surprising to see Friends hitting Central Perk one more time for old time's sake?

Now, a report from Deadline has suggested that HBO MAX is indeed moving forward on a reunion special. Now, before you get excited, understand that the report points to an "unscripted" format; it's far more likely we're looking at a sit-down reflection, rather than a continuation of where the story left off. Still, it should be noted that Jennifer Anniston recently "broke the internet" with a full cast reunion picture, which quickly became one of IG's most liked images. If there's anything to be gleaned, it's that the fans are ready for more. 

As of now, concrete details surrounding any possible "reunions" remain scarce, though it's likely HBO MAX is eager to celebrate having snatched the sitcom from its competitor Netflix. Should you be so inclined, check out the full report over at Deadline right here. Are you a Friends fan?