With the world's eyes on organized crime in Italy in recent years, news as bizarre as this shouldn't come as a real surprise. Antonio Pelle, one of the country's top mob bosses, was found in hiding in a secret room he built between the bathroom and his son's bedroom at his home. The mobster, who was on Italy's list of most dangerous mafia fugitives, escaped from authorities while serving a 20 year sentence for Mafia association, arms and drug trafficking. In a state hospital, Pelle escaped, and apparently managed to make it home to his family for nearly half a decade.

Antonio Pelle is thought to be the head of the Pelle-Vottari clan, which is very active in drug trade in the town of San Luca. The group, which is feuding with the Nirta-Strangio clan, has made international headlines for violent battles between the two in places outside of Italy. While inside and outside of his secret room, Pelle is believed to import mass amounts of South American cocaine into Europe. We'll see if prison acts as any sort of obstacle for him.