Kyrie Irving's alter ego "Uncle Drew" which he has played in a number of different Pepsi commercials is getting his very own full-length film.

According to Variety's Justin Kroll, the upcoming Uncle Drew flick will peel back the curtain on the origins of the grandfatherly street ball legend, beginning at New York's famed Rucker Park and following his journey back to the courts decades later.

Per Variety:

“Kyrie and the team of people behind them — guys like Marc Gilbar and Lou Arbetter at Pepsi — did an incredible job of creating a character and a world that people responded to almost instantaneously,” Longino said. “There’s an old Nike commercial that talks about how many shots Michael Jordan missed in his career. He’s obviously remembered for all of the game-winners he made but the reality is he missed 26 of them. That commercial has always stuck with me and its theme is certainly present throughout the script.”

Like some of Uncle Drew's Pepsi commercials, a handful of current and former NBA stars will also allegedly be apart of the film. 

Jay Longino, the film's screenwriter, said:

“I can’t name names just yet but if you’re a fan of the NBA, both its past and its present, you should leave with a pretty big smile on your face,” Longino said.