Stop the presses!! Future and Jay Z have a song together... with DJ Khaled. This revelation comes courtesy of 808 Mafia producer Southside, who mentioned the record during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid

"I got the new single with Future and Jay Z too," Southside said. "And Khaled. That shit's crazy."

Southside revealed that he produced the song with Jake One and a producer named G-Coup. Khaled has a history of bringing huge names together, so the fact that he is involved makes the Future-Jay Z pairing more believable. As does the fact that Jay Z is now Khaled's manager. This is not the first time Southside has offered a juicy bit of insider information re: Future. In November, he mentioned that Future was sitting on six albums and three mixtapes. (Fewtch has blessed the streets with one album and one mixtape since then.)

Southside mentions the Future-Jay Z-Khaled single at the 3:30 mark below. The whole 20-minute interview is worth a listen -- the Atlanta producer discusses his role in Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, how he and Flocka changed the sonic landscape of hip hop, the time Kanye told him he was the future of music, and more.

Expectations for Future X Hov X Khaled?