In an twitter post captioned "Streets need this ASAP," Lil Durk has dangled a 15 minute clip of Future performing a hook on a yet to be released collaboration. Future raps: "Spin the block, spin it one more time, got the chop on you sitting outside. Me and Durky going back2back, hanging out the window mack to mack." Unsurprisingly the post has been unanimously praised by fans who have remarked on the likeness in image and sound that Durk and Future Hendrix share.

The post has also had the effect of sending Durk fans scurrying for details surrounding the release of Signed To The Streets 3, widely expected for October. In lieu of past notice, Durk fans have been emphatically making demands over his critical output.

Furthermore, Durk has always been a big proponent of the buddy system, having already built short term partnerships with artists such as Dej Loaf, King Louie, and most recently Tee Grizzley over the course of Bloodas, a full mixtape release.

Durk continues to use his twitter account to bait his followers for likes in exchange of drops. Here's to hoping everyone is fully engaged on the matter.